Music festival


September 7


Imagine Zero: An aspiring zero waste and zero carbon emissions Music Festival



Saturday, September 7


Fable Farm

22 Orchard Hill Rd,

Barnard, VT


Gates open at 11am

Performances from

11:30am - 9pm

Friends dancing at music festival.


All Day Passes

Kids $25 (10 & under free)

The festival organizers have placed a focus on bringing top tier musicians who are aligned with the mission to help celebrate a new wave of festival stewardship. World-touring Haitian band, Lakou Mizik will headline the event, joined by New England favorites, Billy Wylder, The Wolff Sisters, Saints & Liars, Chad Hollister Trio, Ben Kogan Band, Beecharmer, Seth Glier and more. The dynamic performers will play a range of global music, indie-rock, American folk, bluegrass, and rock & roll that will make you want to dance!

Imagine Zero’s Music Festival Mission Statement

Imagine Zero Music Fest’s mission is to have a festival that is zero carbon and zero waste. That means having the show entirely powered by renewable energy and have no trash. We know it’s unlikely to get all the way there for now, but we think it’s worth a shot to try and see how close we get. Here is a breakdown of the carbon footprint of a tour (credit to ) and on the pages that follow you'll find some of the initiatives we are pursuing to get there in each key area.

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For production/venue (34% of carbon impact):

How we’re addressing this:

  • All the items on stage are powered by renewable enegry. In this case, we are getting power from onsite solar panels that are connected to a battery.
  • Zero carbon footprint for heat or air conditioning- it’s outside!
  • Encourage and incentives vendors to drive Electric Vehicles
  • Attempt to power food vendors without fossil fuels. ie. EVs with power outlets, connect to the local grid which is 90% fossil fuel free.

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Decarbonize Travel - 42% of carbon impact

How we're addressing this for artists:

  • Give artists a financial incentive to drive or rent an electric vehicle or take public transportation
  • Give artists a ride in an electric vehicle if possible

For audience travel:

  • Encourage fans to travel carpool and drive EVs

EV Charging Locations:

  • Nearest EV charging in Woodstock & Quechee
  • Check out Plugshare for more detailed info on charging stations

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Zero Waste For Food & Drink

  • You will find that nearly all food and beverages provided by Fable Farms will be servered with reusable cutlery, cups and plates.
  • They have a variety of fresh & organic food available for purchase at the event that is grown, harvested, and raised right here on Fable Farms land.
  • Water: please bring your own water bottle. You will be able to get a glass for water onsite as well as your own bottle refilled.
  • Compost bins throughout the site = reduce methane emissions from landfill and carbon emissions from trucking food scraps to faraway places

Thank you


We’re always looking for like-minded cultural partners. We have 4 tiers of sponsorhip avaialble so if you're interested in sponsorship or to be a vendor, please contact us!

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What happens if it rains

Weather is weather! The festival goes on rain or shine! We will provide consistent weather updates and prepare all our fans and artists in advance.

Ticketing Issues/Questions

Once you purchase a festival ticket you will receive a confirmation email from our ticket partner, SevenDays. Your ticket will be attached to that email confirmation. We don’t like wasting paper so please plan to print the ticket at home or have it easily accessible on your smartphone. For ticketing technical issues you can contact Event Ticketing support by email or by phone (855) 708-1078

Festival Hours/Run of Show



There will be designated handicap parking spaces available but please let us know if advance if possible so we know how much to accommodate for. Accessible restrooms will be available. Please note we are on private naturally flat and rolling farm grounds. Imagine Zero has attempted to make the area as accessible as possible, however, some areas are beyond our abilities to make completely accommodating.


Fable Farms has parking spaces including those reserved for handicap but please be prepared to walk. It’s encouraged that you carpool or use ride share apps! It’s better for the environment and you get more time to hang with your friends!

Carpool Carpool Carpool!

Audience travel is 34% of the carbon footprint. If we want to tackle that, we need you to carpool. Find a friend and come on down! We'd recommend Vital Communities List Servs or Front Porch Forum.

Food & Drink

There will be a wide selection of food & beverages within the venue so come hungry! We do allow small snack bags or snacks that fit in your pocket. What we don’t allow are coolers or picnic baskets. We encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottles (water stations will be available onsite) . There will be no outside alcohol allowed in the venue, this is state law. There’s plenty of alcohol for purchase inside the festival though. We will have bar tenders checking IDs and all fans who wish to consume alcohol will be provided a 21+ stamp. All vendors should accept credit cards. ATMs will not available onsite, so if you wish to pay with cash, please come prepared.

What to/not to bring

Small backpacks, lawn chairs, reusable water bottles and picnic blankets are allowed.

No outside alcohol, no knives, weapons or fireworks of any kind, no illegal substances or drugs, no tents, and no bikes, scooters or skateboards allowed past the gates. We want you to bike so we're looking into bike racks. Please get in touch if you plan to bike.


Pets, Emotional Support Animals and Therapy dogs are not permitted on the grounds, Service animals are permitted.

Is it a family friendly event?

Family-friendly, fun-friendly, friend-friendly! Children 2 years and under are FREE to enter with a parent or guardian. There will be lawn games throughout the venue and a kids corner with face painting and crafts.

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About Imagine Zero

How was Imagine Zero born?

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Two friends who are passionate about helping the environment, Ben Kogan and Cliff Johnson, talked about how to bring two of their favorite things (music and eco-friendly initiatives) together in the fall of 2022. By December, they decided to turn that dream into reality and create Imagine Zero.

What is the point of imagine zero?

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To bring people together to enjoy great music in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment and allows us all to learn together how to foster a better path forward for environmental stewardship.


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For inquiries and accessibility arrangements, please reach out to us at:


(503) 679-5502


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